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What Free Video Editing Software?

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What Free Video Editing Software?

Any recommendations for a free video editing software, please? I have a long video that I want to trim about 30 minutes off the front end, and possibly a bit from the back end too. Just in case it is important, my OS is Win 7.


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Re: What Free Video Editing Software?

AVIDEMUX is great for doing that...


download it.... install it.... open it.... select your video...  then you can "run" the video... You need to set the start bracket on the scale    [ A   to where you want to "keep" the video section ... You can run the video to see what the run time is for the start of the section you want to keep.. and then "set" the  [A  bracket there, or you can move the  [A as a slider to the point...  if you want to keep ALL the rest of the video.. use the  "end"  bracket   B ]  at the end of the time scale..  or if you want to "chop" off the end section somewhere...  again.. run the video until that point and then place the  B ]   end bracket there... .....  remember to set the output format to whatever you want... ( I think its AVI by default ) ... use the "Normal" start and run icons , in blue,  to control the running of the video.


No need to do any "configure" stuff...


after it has run between your markers... click "Save" and it will be saved in a separate folder in the AVIDEMUX folder under the type of Output Format you chose.