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Weird query, bridge gap fault

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Weird query, bridge gap fault


This is a weird one right, currently I have a bridge gap on my line which I'm waiting to be repaired, but and here's the weird part....


The WIFI cuts out so often that it is basically unusable on the laptops, so much so that everyone in the house is hot spotting their laptops to their mobile phones, but and it has only just occurred to me, there are always 2-3 tv's streaming some tv show or film and there's not been any issues with them (touch wood), this is weird right?


and before anyone asks, yes everything runs off of the same router Smiley

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Re: Weird query, bridge gap fault

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Re: Weird query, bridge gap fault

@Madrat31  I presume you mean a Bridge Tap which is a suspected problem usually with your internal wiring but it doesn't stop your broadband working, just could slow it down so that's why the TVs are still working. As for the WiFi that is nothing to do with the Bridge Tap.  just the usual unpredictable behaviour of wireless connections.