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Weird Random Internet Connection

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Weird Random Internet Connection

Over the past month or so, I have had a few odd mornings when weird internet connection happens.

Normally, when I come down for breakfast. I boot up the laptop, ( wireless connection ) and enter my password, then let it do it`s own thng setting itself up, whilst I get on with my breakfast, so that it is ready to use as soon as I am finished. 

the weird bit is this...

some times... I can get my emails instantly as normal on opening the email client ( thunderbird ).. but when I try to open a Google Search page, to get on to PN website, or check the weather, or whatever, the screen opens a window, but it remains blank, with "about blank" and the "progress circle" just revolving.... like it is waiting to load up..

check the internet connection icon... with the bars of strength... and there it is again... the "progress circle"  indicating that there is no connection, and trying to connect. ...


Hmm... so... if it can`t find the connection to the internet... how come I get my emails, as normal  ?


( note... have not tried this on a wired connection....yet.... as it is so "random"... that it may not "prove" or "disprove" anything as tomorrow, the wireless connection could work properly as normal.)

The router is only about 4 feet away from the laptop.. so it is nothing to do with "low signal strength"...


If I reboot the laptop... the connection is restored, "as normal"....   but that defeats the object of booting up whilst getting breakfast, as I then have to wait for it to "go through the motions"  again......