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Want to join Plusnet on a specific date

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Want to join Plusnet on a specific date

My daughter is moving into privately rented student accomodation in July and wants to organise broadband to start specifically on 1st July and seems to be having problems getting a helpful answer from Plusnet so I said i'd try to get an answer from the forums. You'll see her query to me below.......
Hi Dad,
"I was wondering if you might be able to help me. We're thinking of using plusnet for our internet next year, since they're cheaper than anywhere else and do discounted line rental if you get it for 12 months. They currently have an offer on their 12 month contracts if you order online by June 4th, which would be nice for us, however we can't change the broadband over from what the current people have got (we'd want to change it on the 1st of July anyway, so we get the full 12 months and don't have a few weeks without internet at the end of the year).
I've attempted to look through plusnet help, and talked to one of their online advisors, neither of which were too helpful, so I was wondering if you could attempt to find out for me a) If we can specify the date we'd like to be switched, and b) If we can get the router sent to one of us rather than the house, since I'm not sure the current residents will appreciate us turning up and switching their broadband before they leave!
I don't know who the current residents have their broadband with but I assume Alyssa can find that out and extract a MAC code from them but can anyone provide an answer to her query
and a contact at Plusnet.

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Re: Want to join Plusnet on a specific date

That sounds a bit tricky
Reading between the lines the present tenants are paying for phone and broadband and when they leave they will cease both.
If I am correct then using a MAC isn't possible and it will be a new provide
It is then a question of when the present tenants move out and cease the phone and broadband and how much time is available before the date your daughter moves in