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Vodafone sure Signal and Netgear dg834n v1

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Vodafone sure Signal and Netgear dg834n v1

I seem to be one of the many who, having received a Sure Signal box, can't get the blxxdy thing to connect.
The power light comes on but the second connection light just blinks at me slowly. 
I have the Plusnet firewall turned off. So I know this is not the problem.  I am having difficulty understanding the port forwarding instructions and relating them to the relevant pages on the Netgear's menu.  I am running slightly out of date firmware on the netgear (v1.08.  v1.15 is the latest I believe) so I may try updating and resetting everything tonight.
But in the meantime can anyone direct me to some very simple to follow instructions on port forwarding on my router
many thanks
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Re: Vodafone sure Signal and Netgear dg834n v1

Below is a link to portforwarding for many applications using your router, sadly the voda one isn't listed.
If you have a look at the utorrent one, that is a fairly simple one to follow.
But basically you need the IP address of your voda box, create a service, add it to the firewall rules. that should sort you out Smiley

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