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VPN usage..

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VPN usage..

I might have asked this before - apologies if I have.

If I setup a VPN (tried this once years ago hence the question) how do I know if its being used?

Does all internet traffic just magically go through it by default or do I have to tell the browser / email client to use it?

Only reason I ask is that it seems a bit too easy for a VPN to intercept all network traffic and just magically encrypt it.. but maybe it really is that simple?


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Re: VPN usage..

It's that simple.
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Re: VPN usage..


This would depend on the VPN in question. I have ones on my router that work based on the IP addresses being referenced. So if I ask for something that’s on a private IP but not on my own networks it exits via the VPN.

Some VPN Clients will route all traffic out the VPN from the host the Client is running to the exclusion of other networks that may be available. So if you can provide more information you may get a better answer.