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VPN Lan To Lan

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VPN Lan To Lan

Strat - Would you copy the relevant bits of the thread you made to here? I'm assuming it's hidden atm.
Figured it my, at some point come in handy for someone.
Aim: Connect two office LAN's via VPN over ADSL
Kit list:
2 x Billion ADSL gateway 7300N
2 x Netgear Prosafe 8 tunnel VPN router FVS318 rev 3
First pint of call was requesting static IP's for both sites.
So far I've got the 7300N set up as the main ADSL router and DHC server using the subnet 192.168.1.x locally.
Manged to get the FVS318 rev 3 on the same subnet and ready for a link up the other end.
Next step is the trip fom Rotherham to sheffield to set that network up, whilst leaving half of myself in Rotherham to deal with any potention cross-site diagnostics.
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Re: VPN Lan To Lan

Is this the thread you're looking for,102347

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