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Using UPnP or equivalent to stream music

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Using UPnP or equivalent to stream music

I have flood wired my house with a network of 5 ethernet cables, each terminating with its own wi-fi router.  This is because I have an old house with very thick walls, which is probably three times as long as most houses but only one room deep.  I also have a bed-sit above the garage which is 25 metres away on the other side of the drive.  The system works extremely well and bridges the distances.

I have got two Roberts internet radios, and just bought another two on ebay which, though very cheap, work as well as the Roberts.  But they do not have an ethernet port like the Roberts, but rely on wi-fi.  I was wondering if it would be possible to use the ethernet for the two Roberts and the wi-fi for for the two cheap radios to be able to stream music from my computer to all of them at the same time ?  A sort of crude surround-sound round the house.  I suspect, if it were possible, there could be short time-lags between them, but that would not matter because I would not be able to hear the music from another room unless I went into it.

This is probably a pipe-dream, but all four radios have UPnP and as they are all basically on the same network, it occurred to me that it might be possible.  Am I missing something ?  I know for instance that I can already stream from my computer to my Smart television (which uses broadband to receive TV anyway).  So maybe I could even add the Smart TV to the music stream as the TV is in a separate room (in the loft).

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Re: Using UPnP or equivalent to stream music


I'm not an expert, although I do some of the things you're asking about, such as being able to stream music from a PC to LAN-connected AV receivers, also being able to select from those devices music which is stored on said PC and a NAS.

I suspect your streaming from your PC to your Smart TV is possible due to DLNA, BICBW.

I suggest you Google for such topics as 'DLNA' (which may well involve creating 'Libraries' if using Windows, 'Multicast' (if you want to stream to several devices simultaneously) for starters.


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Re: Using UPnP or equivalent to stream music

Also Google search for using VLC as a network streaming source.