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Using SD card on Samsung tablet

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Using SD card on Samsung tablet

My Samsung Tab A tablet only has 16GB of internal memory, the OS (Android 7.1) and bloatware which cannot be uninstalled takes up a fair portion of that, and installed apps take up most of the rest with very little headroom. Consequently, app updates often fail with insufficient storage. I thought i had got around this by adding an SD card, and transferring a number of apps to the SD card. This process retains some of the app's storage on the device internal storage, and once done there is a healthy storage buffer for downloading and trying out new apps, and updates start to work OK. However, the updated apps then become reverted back to internal storage so that i have to go through the same process again. 

Is there any way to prevent the updates from changing the default storage location?

I know there is a feature called Adoptive (or Adoptable) storage for Android 6 and above, which allows an SD card to be formatted as internal storage, but this has some disadvantages.

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