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Using Plusnet Static IP on Windows IIS?

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Using Plusnet Static IP on Windows IIS?

I have a Windows 10 Pro pc running IIS - I use this for development and testing new software.

I would like to make a site from this machine available to the internet so I can demo what I have built to a few colleagues (initially by IP address, or possibly later a domain name).

If I opt for the Plusnet Static IP (I have Plusnet Unlimited Fibre) will this allow access to http ports (not necessarily port 80)?

Also, having a static IP increases risk of attack (especially if I don't have an SSL certificate) - what could I do to make the site/home lan more secure?



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Re: Using Plusnet Static IP on Windows IIS?

A static IP will point to your router 24/7. From there, what you do with it is down to you - you can open up ports and direct them to a specific machine on your network (eg running a webserver) or you could host a chat / email / ftp server etc.. It's up to you.

But in short, yes, you can host a webserver on your IIS machine and direct external traffic to if via the IP address. You may want to put that machine into a demilitarised zone if your router supports it.

I've run a webserver on my personal PC for years with no known issues from hacks etc BUT you have to be careful if you're running any php / perl code (or any other webserver language) as it could be abused if you don't know what you're doing so it may be best to stick to html pages for the time being.

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