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Using Internet on Mobile Phone

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Using Internet on Mobile Phone

I have not changed my mobile phone (Sharp GX15) for about seven years because it fulfills by needs as PAYG.  I rarely use a mobile, and spend less than £15 per annum on calls charges.  I have just changed from Vodafone who are now charging 25 pence per minute to a niche company called Vectone, who operate just like Plusnet - no advertising but rely on customer recommendation in return for a discount on top-up charges.  They only charge 10 pence per minute to mobiles, 5 pence per minute to landlines, free calls to other Vectone customers and free internet access (GPRS / WAP). So far so good and ideal for my sort of usage.  It appears their target market is the ethnic community, because they have ridiculously low rates for places like Poland, India, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Kenya, South Africa Jamaica to name a few.  Their roaming charges are also very reasonable compared with Vodafone - 11 pence per minute incoming and 32 pence per minute outgoing which makes it cheaper to use than my local French SIM card when I am in France.
However, I wondered if there would be any benefit in getting a new mobile phone.  My Sharp GX 15 has all I need, including WAP, bluetooth, pictures, camera, video etc. but needless to say, I use few of the features (boring, aren't I ?).  I would find it convenient occasionally to use the mobile to access my email via the internet when I am out, instead of taking my laptop and searching for the nearest McDonalds' free wi-fi connection ! or curb crawling, at the risk of getting arrested, searching for a house with unprotected wi-fi !
While I have no need to change my mobile phone, I have no experience of internet on a mobile phone, and wonder if a newer phone would give faster access etc ?  If I did change it, I would probably look on eBay for a second-hand one because I am too mean.
But would there be any benefit in doing so ?
Thanks for any advice.
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Re: Using Internet on Mobile Phone

Assuming you're looking at some sort of secondhand smartphone and will only be an occasional Internet user I'd be looking at GiffGaff.
The standard PAYG tarriff (not the "goody bag" packages which are aimed at more regular users) works extremely well for me.
I have an ordinary mobile (camera phone type) for normal use but have a couple of secondhand/repaired smartphones (one Apple, one Android) for occasional business/technical use (mostly internet) and it's a very cost-effective service.