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Usage seems a bit wierd

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Usage seems a bit wierd

I moved to plusnext last year for ADSL from BT, I now have fibre.
One thing I noticed is that my usage seems to be a lot higher than it was with BT, they use to log about 8-10GB a month usage. Plus net was registering this in a couple of days. I did speak to someone about this last year and he said what was being displayed was no where near what I actually used and it will be fixed in the next billing period but this never happened.
For example last night I went out and was at work all day and some how I have used 2GB, thursday I was in and used my PC and that shows as 700MB.
Has anyone else notice there usage doesn't seem to reflect what they are actually doing.
I know this is not a major issue as I am on unlimited but it would be nice to look at this and for it to be accurate.
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Re: Usage seems a bit wierd

You're lucky: I've been trying to get to even view my usage for nearly a year, and no-one at +net seems to want to get it sorted. I've only been with them for 12 years, of course... Angry