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Updating to 10.04

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Updating to 10.04

I'm thinking of updating from 9.10 installed alongside windows to 10.04, I already have the 10.04 iso downloaded so can I use this disc ti upgrade or will I need to do it from the update manager? This is a fairly fresh installation of 9.10 so wasn't going to bother with a fresh install.
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Re: Updating to 10.04

In theory you ought to be able to upgrade from a 10.04 disk (though the last time I did a dist-upgrade that way I was still using dial-up......)

$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep cdrom
# deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.4 _Lenny_ - Official i386 DVD Binary-1 20100131-19:16]/ lenny contrib main

You should see something similar for Ubuntu 9.10 in your /etc/apt/sources.list (the # at the beginning of the line indicates it has been 'commented out'; when your 9.10 system install configured your network connection the online Ubuntu repositories would've been added to the sources list as the source of future upgrades.
You would need to add an entry for your 10.04 disk to your sources.list and comment out (or remove) all references to the 9.10 online repositories.

# apt-cdrom add


# apt-get update && apt-get -u dist-upgrade

should start the upgrade.
I don't recall having any grief from having done this in the past, but it was a long time ago (and didn't involve Ubuntu); unless you have good reason not to it might be simpler just to follow the recommended route and upgrade from the online repositories.
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Re: Updating to 10.04

I'm not sure you would be saving much time or bandwidth by upgrading using the 10.04 disk, as in the few weeks since the release iso was created, there have been hundreds of megabytes of updates, so I would just go straight for the online upgrade as suggested by Waldo.  Also for the machines that I have upgraded, by far the most time consuming part of the upgrade,is the actual installation process, whereas the file download time was relatively quick at less than 20 minutes.
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Re: Updating to 10.04

It's a robust process, as if your internet connection drops part way through you just reconnect and it will continue from where it left off.
It's probably worth downloading the CD though, so that you can check (using it as a live disk) that everything works properly.

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Re: Updating to 10.04

You should use the ALTERNATE CD not the live cd. As it contains the packages where as the live cd is a complete image.
But I would just install from the cd having backed up your /home and keeping copies of any system files you have modified. OR just do an on line upgrade should take a couple of hours...
Having said that, I tried an in-place update of Mint 8-9 but eventually deleted it and installed from the live cd, having backed up my proggies & data, but YMMV as they say.