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Unable to edit file

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Unable to edit file

I have  ms works database files on an external hard drive when I try to edit the file I get the following message - " Cannot change the document I:Orders.wdb      The document is read only or is open by another user or application.  To change this file, save it with a different filewname."    I am using windows 7, and I have tried opening the file on my xp laptop and have had no problems.  Any ideas?
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Re: Unable to edit file

Windows 7 is a lot more pernickity about file access permissions that Windows XP.  If it's just the one file then why not follow the suggestion and  save it with a different file name?  If Windows 7 thinks the whole drive is read-only you might be able to change permissions or you might need to back-up the contents then ask Windows 7 to reformat the drive to something it is prepared to deal with.