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Ubiquity Home Network Configuration

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Ubiquity Home Network Configuration

Hi All,

I have just purchased, due to some moaning from members of the family regarding indifferent wifi coverage, a set of Ubiquiti hardware. I have a USG, Cloud Key, PoE switch and a couple of access points.

It is currently just a pile of expensive rubbish due to my inability to get the stuff working!

Long story short, Id did all seem to be going swimmingly until it indicated certain emements needed updates but the supplied software did not seem to make this easy at all.

Tried to reset back to factory ALL devices, now I cannot get configured again.

The current problem seems to be that if I plug the USG into a network hub, I get a nice green enternet light but no internet connection. If I plug the USG into the Plusnet router, i get a nasty amber light and no internet access.

I have managed to get to the last stage of config, with the USG plugged into the hub but then I get, Cannot configure, Signal strength to low! 

Now I am not sure what signal strength its talking about. I would have thought It would allow me to configure the USG and cloud key without any of the the WiFi AP's being connected as They are not even configured yet! and The wifi signal to my laptop is on max bars and it right next to the ubiquiti hardware. 

If anyone has any great ideas for turning a pile of junk into some really funky network, which I know it can be, I would love to hear your comments.



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Re: Ubiquity Home Network Configuration

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Re: Ubiquity Home Network Configuration

hi, not sure if you are sorted but I recently installed a load of ubiquiti kit with the plusnet modem