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USB Turntable Problem

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USB Turntable Problem

I am not sure if I am in the right forum but here goes.I bought a USB Ion turntable because I have so many vinyl albums and I wanted to download them to my ipod,I am having problems downloading my albums it seems to play the first track of the album but up comes a window saying unable to export to i tunes make sure you close all active windows in i tunes,when I try to close the windows in i tunes a window appears asking me to download my tracks but up pops the i tunes window again.I wonder if someone can help me.
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Re: USB Turntable Problem

I would try using audicity for getting it into MP3 then importing it into iTunes, I've seen a few of the types of things supplied with it so should work.
Haven't got one myself so can't offer more help I'm afraid.

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