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Twitter Notifications

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Twitter Notifications

Hi - I have been helped before on here (grateful) but have another problem

I HAVE tried to solve this but failed and though it isnt a massive problem it i driving me nuts !


Problem : Every time I log into Twitter I get this Message (and it only started 10 days ago or so)

New login alert
We noticed a new device logged in to your account @............ Was this you?
New login Device: Firefox on Windows Location*: Doncaster, England, United Kingdom When: Friday, 29 November 2019 at 6:47 pm GMT (4 minutes ago) *Location is approximate based on the login's IP address.
If this was you • You can ignore this message. There's no need to take any action. If this wasn't you • Change your password now to protect your account. You'll be logged out of all your active Twitter sessions except the one you're using at this time.
First time I got this I changed Passwords but it made no difference. I have followed several different HELP topics and none have worked - and I just want to stop them so if anyone knows how I would be really grateful
Secondary problem is that each time I log in I get an advisory Notification in my Notifications and there are now nearly 100 of them. With a "normal" Notification there is a drop down arrow on which I can click on to delete it when read. However with these from Twitter there are no arrows and as such I cant get rid of them either which is annoying me more than it should
Can anyone help with either please
Cheers Bamboozled
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Re: Twitter Notifications



Well.... it IS twitter ! !


I get the same kind of message when I log in to my blogsite(s)...  Just ignore them...

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Re: Twitter Notifications

I don't use twitter, but I see something similar when accessing gmail via a browser.

It seems to happen when I have the browser set clear either cookies or site settings. This seems to make it see every login as coming from a device it's never seen before.