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Trusteer Rapport pop up (needs to go)

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Re: Trusteer Rapport pop up (needs to go)

Actually, it looked fine - but wanted all sorts of user/password stuff (no rapport) and said

 You currently have cookies disabled. To use Online Banking you will need to enable cookies. Information on how to do this can be found at

But I am using Firefox with "DuckDuckGo Privacy essentials" + "uBlock Origin"

I'd try a pop-up blocker like "uBlock Origin"

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Re: Trusteer Rapport pop up (needs to go)

Thanks for all the replies. TBH I am Bamboozled by some of the stuff (I didnt choose the Bamboozled name lightly)

I have been trying some of the stuff I DO understand but nothing has worked so far

I have tried Santander twice but have received nothing useful back. I asked them pointedly if they could shut it down for me in a similar way to "unsubscribing" from emails and this was their reply


Sorry there is no way you can unsubscribe

The only thing you can try is to change your security settings so that cookies and files are not deleted each time you log off.

Have given up - but I will try Adblock as suggested by idonno