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Traffic Management Policies

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Traffic Management Policies

Who out there has the best published traffic management policy?
AFAIK, Enta and Virgin have published policies.  I'm sure some other ISPs have them too.  How do ours compare to theirs? 
Who do you guys think are doing this right?
Kelly Dorset
Broadband Service Manager
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Re: Traffic Management Policies

Personally they all have their benefits:
Virgin - Doing a good idea - capping if you use X amount within two times (if i interperet this correctly) it caps heavy users and they have what id consider alot more of a backhaul infrastructure to handle more user bandwidth:- so can afford to let some heavy users 'chug' at bandwidth during the daytime.
i couldnt find Enta's policy so a linky would be great.
Obviously PN's is preferred to me because im used to it - setting downloads overnight and enjoying super pings ingame when offpeak time rolls around.
Personally BT *should* provide the best service as they *should* have super duper amounts of capcity to share.
Im happy with the traffic management policies, however if PN invested in some new ellacoya e100s i think we could see the policy tweaked- as you can see accurately *what* is being used when - graphing it and comparing it to day X or day Y.
Personally i think PN would do this - and then they could have this linked to the BB capacity... (e.g. if capacity is running low you could drop to a different profile, which shares out bandwidht more - so you dont have to do any major tweaks when the summer hols roll round for instance) :-)
Obviously more people will require a traff. management policy - but it is by far better than having a shoddy hard cap.
Just a thought :-D