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Thunderbird mail issue

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Thunderbird mail issue

Up until now I've quite liked Thunderbird over MS Outlook Express/Mail. But I've just noted something that has really annoyed me; the inability to "batch" send multiple mails -new mails or forwards etc.- OE/Mail would "stack" them and send them one after the other, or indeed at the same time sometimes. Thunderbird won't and won't even let you set another up to send until it's finished the mail it's sending...Or have I got the Thunderbird settings wrong somewhere?
I say "just" noticed, in fact I noticed it quite a while ago, but it didn't matter too much, but last evening I wanted to forward on a dozen or so mails (all with fairly large attachments) to different recipients, and it took an age to do them one by one waiting till each previous "send" had cleared.
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Re: Thunderbird mail issue

Have you tried going offline, creating all the messages and then go online?
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