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Thomson TG585 error seconds

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Thomson TG585 error seconds

Does anyone know what the local and remote error seconds mean on the DSL connection stats?
Mine is showing 18 seconds
Also its taken to rebooting itself for no good reason
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Re: Thomson TG585 error seconds

Sounds about right for a 585v7  Roll eyes , these units are not very good at reporting errors up/down remote/local , to a point these errors seconds on your line since boot , i remember being on BE with the old 585v6 (better than the v7) and it still had an erratic error rate of arounf 8million after a few hours.
Best of grabbing a router that is compatable with routerstats , then at least you will be able to get a vast amount of data from you line . DG834Gv4 or the N version / 834GT and the DGN2000 are all good compared to the TG585 as they use the newer broadcom ADSL chipset .