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Thomson Router

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Thomson Router

Hi,  I've still got the original router from starting with Plusnet eleven years ago.  It's a Thomson 585v7 and although I'm not having any problems, I've noticed it is starting to get very warm.  I'm thinking that I should maybe replace it now and would welcome any opinions and also recommendations for a new one.  I only use the internet for web browsing and the iplayer.


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Re: Thomson Router

I bought a cheap NETGEAR DGN2200 v4 on Ebay, when I moved from Plusnet, because it was not "Locked" to any isp, and it`s worked very well.... been using it for a couple of years now... think it cost me about £10 plus p&p.

The other reason for buying it was because it was listed as one that would support using Routerstats, so I could monitor the SNR with a graph, for whenever the "seemed" to be a fault on the line...

Normally my line is rock solid.... as you can see... (blue trace is the download trace) ... but the recent "Blow out" of the internet, was very obvious on the graphs as, and when it happened...