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The new Apple TV box - highly recommended!!

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The new Apple TV box - highly recommended!!

Just got myself one of these new Apple TV boxes and what a fantastic bit of kit is it  Smiley  Highly recommended.
Very easy to set-up and connect to a TV (you need a spare HDMI socket on your TV) and your Wireless router (it works via both WiFi or wired ethernet)
It links with your iTunes account, your YouTube account, your MobileMe online picture gallery and your online Flickr accounts.  It also links to your own personal iTunes library from any PC you have on your network.  You can use either your iPhone and/or iPad as a remote control (you just need the free iTunes remote app).  Watching YouTube on your TV is quite bizarre!!
Once iOS 4.2 is released later this year for iPhones/iPads, you will also be able to stream video from either device and from any location.
I purchased mine from an Apple store in the US whilst on holiday in Washington DC ($99+tax so cheaper than the UK version at £99).  US boxes do work with either US and UK iTunes accounts (you just have to change your location from the set-up menu to change accounts).  
There's no TV programs available yet using a UK iTunes account (only film rentals).  US iTunes does offer TV program rentals available from just 99cents (to use a US iTunes account in the UK you need to buy US iTunes vouchers)
The only thing you may need to keep an eye on is your data usage as having only been using it for 2 days now, I've used an extra 2.5gb of data already Shocked
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Re: The new Apple TV box - highly recommended!!

As much as I Love Apple I would not tuch "Apple TV box" or "iPhone" or iPad or go to iTunes.