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The end of analogue phone lines....

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Re: The end of analogue phone lines....

Hi John, yes I work for Pine. We don't serve any council buildings or hotels which was why I thought there may have been confusion (I think IDAQ may). The areas we are actively building at the moment are SW (Broomhall, Sharrow, Greystones etc), but we are very much guided by registrations of interest on our website Smiley

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Re: The end of analogue phone lines....

Fair enough, @pmwill . Obviously, Broomhall, Sharrow have a fairly high student element, and Greystones Some student and some money areas.

Irrelevant, to me anyway, although I like to support local facilities/providers, I have already decided where I am moving to in a couple of months, and their business model and attitude meets my approval.

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Re: The end of analogue phone lines....

@Baldrick1 wrote:  I am just disappointed that rather than linking all homes with a proper digital connection the 'Grand' short sighted plan as far as the majority of the country is concerned (and for the forseeable future) is to continue and even possibly expand the FTTC bodge.

I guess that the driver is short term profit rather than applying high level system engineering to identify and install suitable infrastructure to meet this country's long term needs. Maybe wireless will make this whole, over complex, expensive to maintain mess obsolete anyway; and that's the future?

I thought wireless might be the way to go but certainly around these parts the signal can vanish, literally just like that.


As for expanding the FTTC bodge, not round these parts. Over the past 4 weeks we've had a bit of activity in the roads and up poles ever since FTTP was mentioned - with not a OR van in sight. I went live today with FTTP and now have 14 days to decide whether to junk it or keep it. Currently its definitely keep it. Speed is everything!


I think yesterday's announcement might get BT to move their fingers a bit with FTTP but with them or not the country is moving on. I wonder what they'll do with the FTTC cabinet. The installation itself was very painless. Took all of 30mins and all that is in the house is a single box smaller than the phone master socket and a WiFi router that they supplied.


One bit of a shock - I've finally had to install the ethernet cable (I've had it lying around for the past year or so) around the room- I found this new setup was maxing out my Wifi (the motherboard is only a year old).

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