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TG582N - WIFI disabled if not internet connection

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TG582N - WIFI disabled if not internet connection

As the title, I am not able to configure the TG852N so that when I turn it on, the wifi is already on. I have to manually enable wifi, entering the configuration page (press the button in the panel is not sufficient). This happens only when TG582N isn't directly connected to Internet (I succesfully configured the router so that it uses the internet connection of another router on the network to which it is connected via Ethernet cable. I would, in practice, to use it only as an access point without modem capabilities).

Could anyone suggest some settings to put in "user.ini" file or to insert through telnet (CLI) in way to obtain that TG582N starts with wifi enabled?

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Re: TG582N - WIFI disabled if not internet connection

Back up your router settings then try a factory reset.  I imagine this will cure the problem, in which case it is something you have configured yourself, unwittingly.