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Suggestions/Help needed to create multi-level menu item on webpage

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Registered: ‎30-03-2017

Suggestions/Help needed to create multi-level menu item on webpage


I'll start with a brief background....

I currently look after an amateur society's website. The society holds meetings every Thursday. I need to have an area on the "Meetings" page that shows what will be happening at a particular meeting, throughout the year.

At present, this is achieved using two Spry Widgets: the Tabbed Panels and the Accordion, included with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 which was used to build the site, as follows:

The Tabbed Panels shows the 12 months of the year, and in each panel is a 5 item Accordion showing the Thursdays in that month. (Yes, I know that every month does not have 5 Thursdays, but it was easier to create 5 as standard rather than keep altering the coding each year - if the 5th Thursday does not exist then the content is empty).

This works OK up to a point, and this is where I am looking to make an improvement:

I can preselect the month using the script, for example:

var TabbedPanels1 = new Spry.Widget.TabbedPanels("TabbedPanels1", {defaultTab:7});

which selects August (the defaultTab count starts at 0).

In the above example, the Accordion that is in the August panel shows the first item (1st Thursday) by default and I cannot get it to show any other Thursday by default, although they are of course selectable by clicking. (If I try, it breaks and none of the panels open correctly.

I would like to find a way to have the web page open up at a pre-determined Thursday, (i.e "What's on next Thursday"), possibly using a combination of HTML, CSS, JQuery or whatever to achieve the result required.

I am reasonably adept at HTML and CSS, but my Javascript is not too good - I'm trying to learn this at present.

PS - the web page is written in HTML5 and some CSS3, although mostly CSS2.

Are there any coding Guru's out there that might be able to help me?

If you need the URL of the webpage, let me know and I'll post.