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Suddenly, I can't download properly

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Suddenly, I can't download properly

Firstly, apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. But I'm in need of help, from those who understand the inner workings of computers better than I do. Problem: after previously trouble-free operation, suddenly anything I try to download is choppy, glitchy, unlistenable. There are certain podcasts that I download regularly to make commuting bearable, and of course I download music too. But in the last few days things won't download properly.
- I download mainly from iTunes, from the BBC, and from a couple of niche music sites - but whatever the source, the problem persists, therefore I can assume it isn't an issue with some setting on one of those sites.
- when I do finish downloading anything from iTunes, the little picture which appears alongside the podcast's title is often corrupted; weird colours and shapes appearing in the pic, bars of white noise across it, etc.
- I compared a couple of the bad tracks on my mp3 player to the ones on the PC I transferred them from, and exactly the same faults happen at exactly the same time, therefore it's something wrong on my PC and not my mp3 player.
- I've been trying to update Skyrim with the 1.9 patch, but Steam keeps derping out on me. It'll get to 8% (always 8%, not 7% or 9%) and then the grey boxes just disappear from my screen, and when I reload Steam a message says "Update suspended - no connection" despite the fact that I am online when it does this. I just checked again, and while I was writing this here in one window, in the other Steam insists I have no connection.
- I've made no significant changes to my PC in the relevant past few days, installed nothing new and changed no settings. I did see a couple of posts online which sounded like they were having similar troubles, and they were advised to change settings in QuickTime, which I did - the problem persists.

I did just recently convert to a different Plusnet package, but these problems pre-date that by a few days and anyway I can't see how that would be a factor. So I ask for help - this is a real pain for me. Any ideas?
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Re: Suddenly, I can't download properly

I haven`t a clue what could be causing it...... but... it may be Quick Time player, that is at fault...
download and install GOM player... it is brill..... and FREEE....
see if that cures the problem....