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Successful Windows 8.1 download -

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Successful Windows 8.1 download -

I had to get a new laptop earlier this year and so had Win 8 - oh what a pa-larva.
Now I just downloaded 8.1 and at least I have got the 'Start'  button back but sensibly it is not called that - just the windows logo.
I've now got it booting to the normal windows frame - just how I like it - but really cant see a lot else at the moment.
Mind you at 3+G it took several hours to download - and then about an hour to set itself up - it must have rebooted about 8 times
IS it me or is it slower to load the in 8?
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Re: Successful Windows 8.1 download -

Rebooted eight times?! Blimey, what a palaver.
That's RPM to you!!