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Still waiting for Amazon voucher

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Still waiting for Amazon voucher

I have still yet to receive the £30 Amazon voucher I was promised when I joined Plus Net. This is a long going issue with Plus Net and I have tried over the months to contact and  rectify the issue. Plus Net have become very slow with the responses to my emails.
I called on 21/11 to discuss this issue and was told someone would call me back within 48 hours. They haven't!
I am now getting fed up with this service. Several times I have been told the voucher has been distributed - it has never arrived n any of the email inboxes, or spam filters, I have provided you with. It is now nearly December - the voucher should have been with me by September and as noted earlier was delayed and then has never arrived.
I think this is terrible customer service on the part of Plus Net, I am clearly not the only person feeling this way where looking around various forums. It is getting to the point where it appears that the voucher was a scam.
What will Plus Net do to rectify this issue ASAP, although 4 months late? I do not want to wait another fortnight just to find out that it has not been sent again, especially with Christmas post dates approaching.
I would appreciate an answer quickly as this is being far to drawn out. The only way Plus Net was able to compete with competitors in my eyes was the voucher as the some of the other services available to me are £30 or more a year cheaper.
I know this is probably not the correct area to make these comments but am now getting somewhat fed up with this - am I the only one still out there waiting for the voucher still? According to other forums I'm not.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Still waiting for Amazon voucher

Hi there, I've chased the marketing team about this for you and you should have an update shortly. Really sorry about the hassle you've had with this.