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Sony NEX-5 : Discuss...

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Sony NEX-5 : Discuss...
I'm considering this as my next digital camera.
I think its a good fit for me, as currently I have one of these:

Yep, its a Sony Cybershot DSC-P73, a 4.1mp beast of a thing, and as yet I haven't found a 'compact' that I rate more highly. I've fiddled with lots of different cameras over the years, and I haven't come across anything good enough to make me want to ditch the P73 and splash out my hard-earned.
In its favour; its rock solid, it has good optics, it takes AA batteries, sports a 3x Optical zoom, 4.1mp is still more than you generally need for 'snapshot' or holiday/family pictures, which is what I generally expect to use a camera like this for.
Its downsides; the screen is tiny (but helps with battery life), it is not as compact as many boxen on the market.
So, as you can see, I don't have massive reasons to change (and in fact I'll probably keep the Cybershot anyway - AA batteries are relatively easy to find wherever in the world you find yourself and a camera that works is the best kind to have.)
So, reasons to change extend beyond the obvious; I also shoot using a DSLR from the Olympus range (E500), but I've always found their glass to be slightly inferior to the Canons and Nikons I've played with, and so I've been reluctant to invest in anything beyond the 14-45mm and 40-150mm lenses that came in the box.
I've been waiting to change systems to Canon (I like the menus and have friends in photography that I can borrow lenses from too!), but the thing that has always held me back is the thought of always having two cameras with me.
Everywhere I take my DSLR, I also take my compact - its easier to hand to people to take a picture of me and my wife, its less intrusive for more natural-looking shots at close range, and its easier to keep handy without devoting all my attention to photography whilst I'm supposed to be enjoying a wedding/christening/birthday/whatever. So why bother with both if I can take one which ticks the boxes?

Should I postpone the purchase of a Canon DSLR, and snag myself one of these pretty lightboxes? At worst I end up with a very capable compact, and I could look at Sony Alpha DSLRs instead to share glass if I decide I 'need' a biggar camera. (I can't think why though, the sensor is DSLR size, and the lenses are said to be of high quality too)
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Re: Sony NEX-5 : Discuss...

your choice is the first pocket interchangeable and it has had good write ups, a lot of money though