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Sometimes only foul language is the answer.

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Sometimes only foul language is the answer.

So, I'm watching a film I recorded. It gets to the end and I try to stop the playback. Nothing happens. I try again - still no joy. So I look across at the Harmony Hub that handles the remote for everything and it's red light is on.

Damn. I thought I'd fixed that. I found out a while ago that it needs a static IP address and since then it's been fine. So I power cycle it. I reset it. Still no joy. *censored* ! I've only had it a couple of months. I do a bit more research online and find a couple of articles suggesting I check my wifi.

Now I've got my laptop to hand but it normally runs wired. It's also a new laptop (less than a week) but I think I set the wifi up. So turn the wifi on.


[-Censored-] - My new laptop is borked?

Next stop my phone. That uses wifi so...huh? It can't connect either?

Ohhhhkay. That new WAP I bought three months ago. It's gone silly. So I log on to it play around a bit and...nada. What?!? That thing's only three months old. Luckily I still have the hub and old WAP. So I set about swapping them back. During this process i knock an oil-filled thermometer over and an anniversary globe I got for 20 year's service with a previous employer. The globe breaks into pieces. Ohhhh - meh. It's been a while.

I finish plugging the old hub and WAP in. Sniff. Sniff. What's that smell? Oh...[-Censored-]. The thermometer broke as well. I liked that thing. And I've got this horrible oily smell in the lounge now.

Still, at least I've got wifi again. Umm...haven't I? What? It cannot be! Is someone jamming me? Surely not. Hmmm. I still have internet access but...I reboot the router anyway. Run back downstairs. The Harmony Hub light is green. My phone is connecting to the wifi. So does my computer.

Great. Everything's working again. I've just got to clean up some glass and hope that the horrible oily smell will go away over the next few days.

I *censored* hate IT. I program computers for a living and actually know a lot about networking. I really *censored* hate IT right now.

Worse still - I can't even blame Plusnet. It's my own router. A Billion 6300 that has led a blameless life for over five years. Curiously though I placed an order yesterday for a new Billion 8800. Do you ever feel like machines are having a laugh at your expense?

That oil, really does stink Sad

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Re: Sometimes only foul language is the answer.

Well you say you program computers for a living; then you and I both know that deep down yesterday was actually a good day, it really could have been a lot worse. Shame about the breakages though, maybe you could try some of the vanish carpet cleaning powder / foam on the oil slick.