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Slow FTP uploads when using SFTP on FireFTP

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Slow FTP uploads when using SFTP on FireFTP

This was very annoying - taking over 30 minutes to upload a 100MB zip file and also managed to resync the router (it isn't one of Plusnet's)

So I tried Filezilla and it did it in a couple of minutes (my upstream sync is just under 10Mb/s)

In addition - and a separate thing - Filezilla wouldn't upload a very small installer.php file - server refused - but FireFTP did it with no problems

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Re: Slow FTP uploads when using SFTP on FireFTP

I found various ftp clients have quirks over the years. The best I ever used was a pirate version of cuteFTP many years ago which did absolutely everything flawlessly but that was back in the win98/Me days.

I had another glitch recently too where i needed to upload a 350Mb file to my site. Plusnets upload speed on fibre is shameful and the ftp server kept timing out at 5 minutes. I was getting seriously annoyed with it until i remembered my trusty 4G phone has lighteningly fast upload speeds - often hitting 18mbps. Me not being a fan of EM radiation.. I went out in the car, left the phone in the car to do the upload and went into a supermarket at 1am. The phone did the job first time.

Gotta love plusnets unlimited fibre..

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