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Sky "On Demand"

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Sky "On Demand"

Morning all, has anyone had problems with this. We bought a wireless connecter from Sky so we could download from the various TV players. Set up no problem but everytime we try to download from any of the players the most we get is 3 minutes & the reason apparently is because a remote network failed? Yesterday there was a problem with finding our network. Unfortunately we don't have the option of using an Ethernet cable to connect as the router is in another room. We have a Belkin G MIMO. Our download speed isn't the best but it's well over the 2.5 Mbps that Sky say is the minimum. I have spoken to PN support & they say it's not a problem their end, haven't rung Sky yet as they will probably say it's not their end!! Any ideas anyone. 
PS Our Sky box is only a couple of months old so is compatable.
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Re: Sky "On Demand"

As this post is nearly two months old this may not be an issue anymore but there is a similar post running in the FTTP forum right now.
The problem appears to be the router, the actual issue has not been identified as yet, but you can easily eliminate potential issues by temporarily running an ethernet cable between the router and Sky box. If it still doesn't work using the ethernet cable then the fault will most likely be the router.
I have had no issues with Sky On Demand. I am fortunate because my Netgear N300 router is permanently connected by ethernet to my Sky box.