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Site to Site VPN

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Registered: ‎26-08-2007

Site to Site VPN

I've been asked to setup a site to site or LAN to LAN link via a broadband VPN link. I'm a little confused as I'm unsure of how to IP the LAN's at each end of the link.
Would the LAN's need to be in the same sub-net or could they be in different subnets. I'd prefer them to be separate subnets as I have an Active Directory at each end and to allow for local authentication they need to be in different subnets so they can identified in sites & services.
Any info or links would be very welcome. I've been provided with Zyxel 662H adsl routers
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Re: Site to Site VPN

The LANs at each end must be in different subnets. This page may help.  It's on the DrayTek support site but the principle is the same regardless of your router.