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Shows what a monopoly can get away with

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Shows what a monopoly can get away with
Web users suspected of file-sharing are being cut off without warning by internet service provider (ISP) Karoo, based in Hull.
Andrea Robinson, a Karoo customer from Willerby, told the BBC that she was cut off without warning on Tuesday; her account advised her that her password had expired.
On Thursday she received a letter from the firm, claiming that she had been using the peer-to-peer file-sharing service BitTorrent to download the film Terminator Salvation.
On calling Karoo, she was told to pay a visit to resolve the issue.
"They gave me a form to sign to get reconnected," she told the BBC.
"The form basically said 'if I admit my guilt you'll reconnect me'. So I didn't sign it and walked out. I'm still not reconnected."