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Setting up a new Network

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Setting up a new Network

My wife has a new netbook and I'm struggling to setup a Network using the Plusnet Assist. procedure.
In the My Network setup it shows I have four levels.
Plusnet (Internet) - Thomson Router - His PC, Her PC, Windows Media Player - Devices 802.11n Wlan and 3 others.
In His PC I have a Users (Share) and a Eprinter HPC 91617 HP Photosmart 5510 (which is marked Shared).
In Her PC its just a Users entry.
We're old and I've no experience of this but I would have expected the eprinter to be a separate entry on the same line
as the Media Player, being shared by the two PCs, am I wrong?
But if the His PC is setup correctly then perhaps I need to add the same shared eprinter entry to Her PC also, but
I'm not sure how to do that.
The eprinter test page shows it is networked and shared and it prints when called off from His PC but not from Her PC
Since I've not got a local techie to help me, what should I do now please?.
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Re: Setting up a new Network

I have not used Plusnet Assist and I'm not going to because I don't like it.
However in general you can install a printer to print using the Add Printer facility under Printers in Control Panel (on the netbook).  To add the printer as a printer and a scanner you need to run the installation software on the netbook.  Unless you have a plug-in DVD drive to run the installation disc on the netbook, you would have to download the installation software from the HP web site.