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Service Status updates.

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Service Status updates.

Anyone get odd date/times from time to time?

[tt]From - Sun, 12 Mar 1916 13:31:55 GMT
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Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1916 13:31:55 GMT
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From: <PlusNet Service Status Posting>
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Subject: Increase in 21CN Broadband Capacity - Tuesday 13th March
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    <title>Increase in 21CN Broadband Capacity - Tuesday 13th March</title>
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    We will shortly be increasing the capacity of our 21CN host links by 1450Mbps. It's these host links that we use to deliver bandwidth to the majority of customers on our 'Up to 20Mbps' and Fibre services.<br />
<br />
We're activating this extra capacity in line with the current budget, customers' usage habits and our projected growth in customer numbers.<br />
<br />
Kind regards,<br />
<br />
Bob Pullen<br />
Customer Support
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Re: Service Status updates.

Yes and it has been covered in earlier threads but no satisfactory explanation appeared