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Second independent broadband connection/line

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Second independent broadband connection/line

I currently have one phone line on Sky Fiber and get around 17mbits which is the best speed I can get currently.


I want to get a second line installed in my garden office which is around 4/5 meters from the house. I was going to sign up with plusnet fibre as my second broadband provider.


I have a couple of questions:

- Is it possible to get a second line installed in my garden office?

- Will it require anything to be dug up?

- If it is possible and I use both lines simultaneous would I get 17mbits on each or would the second line hamper the speed of the first and they would be split the speed evenly?


Basically the reason I want this is that WiFi signal isn't great in my office and the speed is slow when everyone in the house is using Netflix etc. So I would like my own private connection in the garden office that wouldn't be affected by the use of the house internet at all and vice versa.I don't want to waste my time getting a second line installed if it will hamper the first line.


I thought about getting Ethernet wired to my office from the house but I will still have the speed issues when everyone is using it inside so would prefer my own connection.

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Re: Second independent broadband connection/line

Regarding a second line effecting speed of first line.


Normally the second line won't effect speed, however occasionally you can get increased cross talk by your second line interfering with the first, however if it's anything at all the speed reduction should be quite low.


At a previous company we used 3 x ADSL lines, and they never appeared to effect the speed of our original line.  


So the short answer is you won't know until you install the second line, and if there is a speed reduction on your original line it should only be minor.


Another option.   Have you considered a router/modem like a Draytek 2860, these have very advanced QOS, you can set a minimum speed for your house, and a minimum speed for other things like your shed,   the Draytek obviously can't make bandwidth but it can at least keep separate areas of your internet always running.

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Re: Second independent broadband connection/line

Wifi would travel 4/5m if you place the access point in a suitable location...


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Re: Second independent broadband connection/line

@mrblueham wrote:


 Will it require anything to be dug up?


Does your first line come in overhead from a telegraph pole?  Can you see the top of that telegraph pole from vicinity of your garden shed?  If you can answer yes to both questions there is a chance that nothing would have to be dug up.  But even then the phone cable would probably get very low as it approached the shed and I'm not sure if that would be deemed to be safe.      

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Re: Second independent broadband connection/line

@mrblueham - I agree with the above as regards the elevation of the cable as it approaches the shed. I think you might need to get yourself something like a aerial pole fixed to the side of the shed at height that’s comparable with the eves of the house, so BT can attach the drop wire pig tails to it and then run the wire down the side of the pipe.

Another option might be to get the service installed in the house and feed it to the shed using Power Adapters or if that’s not an option maybe you could install an Ethernet cable from the house to the shed. You would need to check the local and electrical regulations to be sure it was acceptable and safe.

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Re: Second independent broadband connection/line

it depends on the current setup as to how it would be done, your best bet would be to ask for a survey to be done, its possible very little actual work would be needed to get your shed connected....its also possible that a lot of work will be needed..


as to the speed question the new connection will be totally separate, indeed being from different suppliers it will be on different hardware at the exchange and there wont be any speed drop in either side.

if this is a business connection though it might be better to ask for a business line /connection and then claim it off your tax bill every year....





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