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Second Router

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Second Router

Long story. The router in our house is in a really poor location for wifi. What we can do is Hardwire to another room and set up a second router. 


I appreciate there are other options. I would like to give the second router a try.


What would folks recommended if buying a router?

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Re: Second Router

Why not do the hardwire to the other room anyway.... and use the current router... it may be a better location, and if it works better... no need to buy another router..


My router is hard wired to a secondary wall socket,  about 15 mtrs from the "master socket" location , and works fine... more convenient if it needs a reboot too ...



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Re: Second Router

You don't want another router, more like a wireless access point.
A router can complicate the setup, people usually use one because they have a spare lying around and not investing in a new one.
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