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Scheduled Win7 updates driving me round the bend!

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Scheduled Win7 updates driving me round the bend!

For the third month running, 'update Wednesday' has led me up the garden path, round the veg patch, and back down again. Crazy2

I have Windows Update set to check for and download updates, but let me choose when or whether to install them. The sequence goes something like:

1) System tray icon tells me it's downloading updates.

2) Windows Update advises there are 3 important updates, which I choose to install.

3) After the usual wait and restart, WU advises that 3 important updates were installed, but an additional 1 important update failed. Huh

4) Windows starts checking for updates again, finds the 4th update, but then fails with 'unknown error.'

5) I manually check for updates, and this time it finds and installs the 4th update almost immediately. This update is over 200MB (KB4088875) so it must have already downloaded it even though it said it couldn't!


On top of that, several times a day (every day) I get nagged by a popup to change my Windows Update settings which it appears to believe are turned off, even though they're not.

Anyone else experiencing this rather bizarre, irritating and time-wasting behaviour? 



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