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Running a server behind router

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Running a server behind router

Hi all, could do with some help on running a server on my mac and allowing access to friends over internet.


I have setup and running a ninjam server (allows musicians to play together remotely - very useful now!). It runs on my mac and i can connect ok inside the local network.


For my friends I have setup port forwarding using the port of 2049 which is the one the server is listening on. Ninjam was on the list of applications in the port forwarding section. However, my friends get a cannot connect to server error. Anyone come across a similar problem? It doesn't have to be ninjam as it is probably the same for any server running inside the firewall.

My though is that is the port forwarding allowing me to connect to a ninjam server outside? When I want it the other way round.


Many thanks



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Re: Running a server behind router

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