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Routers, Which one for me?

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Routers, Which one for me?

I would like people to recommend me a router please, I need a new one and I dont know whats good and whats bad.
(Sorry for the double post, no one was replying to the one in community though)

I want a really really good one, one that will keep my connection reliable and stable to keep me connected forever, and one that improves sync speeds too
Im currently still on the 8meg ADSL, we cant get 20meg here yet.. but a future proof one for 20meg would be a plus (but not a must!)
All I do require is 4 ethernet ports, and one that offers wireless. (I dont use wireless normally, I disable it. But known again I go on a laptop downstairs, thats all)
I dont want to pay £50 more for improved wireless features, I only need basic wireless stuff. Ethernet is the primary way I connect
So guys
What can you recommend for me? I want to order today Shocked Dont point me to cheapish "average" ones though, I want a really good one, forget the money
Thanks!  Kiss
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Re: Routers, Which one for me?

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