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Router Recommendations Please

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Router Recommendations Please

Hi All,


I recently purchased a new laptop with Intel AC-8260 dual-band ac wifi. My old faithful D-Link DIR-655 router is refusing to communicate with it at anything faster than 54Mbps though, I think because the router is only draft N. So, it is time for a new router.


I've briefly considered asking PN for a Hub One but as I have a TBB ping monitor and the Hub One can't be configured to respond to WAN pings I have all but ruled it out. The only thing keeping it in the running at all is the fact that it's cheap.


Currently I am using the Openreach ECI modem, and am connected to a Huawei cabinet. If I change to an integrated VDSL modem and router, is there still the question of G.INP compatibility with the cabinet? It would also be nice to finally be able to access my line stats, are any modem/routers better at this than others?

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Re: Router Recommendations Please

Best source of independent information for an all-in-one modem/router is,14436.0.html

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Re: Router Recommendations Please

I've just bought a Billion 8800nl r2. Quite cheap on Amazon and my previous Billion has been very reliable over the last four years with only a couple of glitches. The Billion should also be IPv6 ready if/when Plusnet ever implement that. The UI is a bit complicated but otherwise a good little router.

However some reviews suggest that the wifi is a bit naff. I wouldn't know because I use a dedicated Wireless Access Point in my lounge. As of a couple of months ago I'm using a TP-LINK TL-WR841N. That's actually a full-blown router in its own right but for that price (<£20) it serves as a WAP if you disable DHCP. It seems to be doing the job as I'm getting over 48Mb/s in tests.