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Roblox on iPAD Mini & iPhone over WIFI

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Registered: ‎08-02-2017

Roblox on iPAD Mini & iPhone over WIFI



I am looking for suggestions as to how to resolve the following.


Roblox app, installed on an iPAD mini 2, ios version 8.1.2, Roblox version 2.274.100932.

This app used to work fine.


Now, the games within Roblox no longer load - the loading circle spins around, none of the games load, then the app times out



The Roblox games used to work fine on this iPAD mini; i suspect that a router change/change by Plusnet has caused this issue. although it is difficult to say for sure.

If I take this iPAD mini, and connect to another WIFI network or cellular/mobile network , the Roblox games work fine.

I have an iphone 4s, and get the same issue - Roblox does not load the games using WIFI, but will run the games using a cellular/mobile network.

I have a variety of Windows 7 & OS X laptops and Roblox games all work perfectly on these clients.


The Homeguard facility is not on.

I am not using any net or content filtering software, or alternative DNS servers.

The fact that it just works on other clients is most frustrating.



Roblox support suggested opening ports on the Router. Using a process called ' port triggering ' these port ranges are now open UDP 49152 - 49402, but still no luck. I cannot open more ports than this due to restrictions placed by the router.

The router is a Huawei 523a - not supplied by Plusnet. That should not matter as this is the first time in many years have a faced a connection issue like this or had to fiddle with router settings. Normally I can resolve most issues.

The fact that I can connect using a cellular/mobile network or other WIFI networks using other clients strongly suggests the issue must be network related beyond my local network.


Thoughts, suggestions would be welcome.