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Reserve an I P Address

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Reserve an I P Address


I have 1 desktop, 2 laptops, 2 printers, 1 phone, 1 other device connecting wirelessly to router.


When they're all happy it's great.  When they're not 😞 


I have some software that synchronises my phone to Outlook, and it requires the desktop to always have as it's I.P.Address.


Following power cuts/ router /broadband issues, sometimes it loses this IP Address and gets a different address.


Sometimes I can switch off all other devices, re-start the desktop and all is OK.  


Sometimes I have to reset the router as well.


Sometimes, like today, noting works.


The help for the software is hopeless.  Asks me to do something on my phone that doesn't exist.  Their help is not helpful, and requires me to reset it all from scratch, and then I lose information from either the phone or Outlook.


I have a Plusnet Hub One router, Windows 10 on computers, Android phone.


Is there a way to make the destop always have, or to get it back.


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Re: Reserve an I P Address

Hello allean01, welcome to the community.

To assign a static IP address for a device on the Plusnet Hub One:

Login to the modem/router,

Go to Advanced Settings > Continue To Advanced Settings > Home Network

Select the relevant device to see the details, at the bottom of the screen you may select "Always use this IP address:"

If the address you want is not taken, it should be possible to edit the IP address there.

It is a few weeks since I had to deal with it, but from memory it is not the most user-friendly firmware.

You may need to connect devices one at a time to get the required IP addresses.



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Re: Reserve an I P Address


@allean01  Welcome to the forum. Follow these instructiond and get to the IPv4 settings where you can set the computer IP address


IP Address -

Subnet -
Gateway -
DNS1 -
DNS2 -

This IP address is in the dynamic range so you should ideally go into the router settings and either increase the fixed range or go into the network settings and set the router to always use this address for your PC.


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Re: Reserve an I P Address

Thanks.  That's fixed it, and hasn't broken anything.  lol - not like last time I tried.

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Re: Reserve an I P Address

Thanks.  I think this is the one I tried before, and ended up not being connected to the router.  Took days to sort out.