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Replacing battery in a tablet

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Replacing battery in a tablet

Decided to replace the battery in my Samsung tablet, fixit website gives details of how this is done, cost of genuine replacement battery from Amazon is under £8 with the added option of a fitting kit, just over £11.

Total number of steps to do this is less than 10.

Out of interest I looked up a battery for a ipad Air2, and fixit website also gives details of how to do this, something like 110 steps some of which look very tricky due to being glued down.

Lucky I have a Samsung but out of interest has anyone replaced the battery in their tablet ?

I assume that once the battery is out all data is lost, which I know can be backed up, but am I correct in thinking the data is lost ?

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Re: Replacing battery in a tablet

Now here's a topic very close to my heart, I come from a phone and PC repair background(mainly board level SMD repairs)


The battery being switched out will reset the time as it uses that to remember time but all data will be fine, the samsung ones are fairly easy as it's usually just pull off the back, unscrew battery holder, unplug and replace, easy fix


with ipads you have to take the glass off first(not an easy task without damaging the LCD display), remove the LCD itself, remove the logic board and a ton of smaller parts before pulling out a glued down battery, for someone at home, maybe 1-2 hours, for an experienced repair place, about 20 minutes to replace an ipad battery.



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Re: Replacing battery in a tablet

I've replaced the battery on some of my Chinese tablets before, usually upgrading them to higher mAh ones in the process.
As long as the battery is the same size and capacity then no issues. Which it will be if you are buying a specified replacement.

I did do the battery on my Sony ebook reader and managed to muck up the controls at the top. This resulted in my getting a Nook then a Kindle and now a Kindle paperwhite over the past 4 years.