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RBL - Blacklisting by UCEPROTECT

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RBL - Blacklisting by UCEPROTECT


Is the Plusnet IP address range (below), being blacklisted by UCEPROTECT legitimate?

Is there spam going out from your servers, or is this a scam by UCEPROTECT?


Snippet of Web page below:


PLUSNET UK Internet Service Provider, GB
and the Networks



Level 1 listed abusers
within the last 7 days

Impacts in this net
within the last 7 days

Level 2 Escalation limit
by Impacts

Optional express delisting






What does it mean to be listed at the UCEPROTECT-Level 2?
UCEPROTECT Network operates three levels of blacklisting, so our users can make the decision how strong they want to filter.
While UCEPROTECT-Level 1 lists single IP's only, UCEPROTECT Level 2 is an escalation list.
According to the table above allocations get listed at Level 2 if there were too many Impacts from Level 1 listed IP's in that ranges.
In other words: Too much abuse was seen from one or several networks which your IP belongs to, within the last week.
That is the reason why your mail has been blocked.
Click here to see the Policy for UCEPROTECT-Level 2
Level 2 is basically nothing more than pure mathematics based on the number of Impacts from Level 1 listed IP's.

Who is responsible for this listing?
YOU ARE NOT!. Your IP was NOT directly involved in aabuse, but has a bad neighborhood. Other customers within this range did not care about their security and got hacked, started spamming, or were even attacking others, while your provider has possibly not even noticed that there is a serious problem.
We are sorry for you, but you have chosen an provider not acting fast enough on abusers.

Therefore we recommend:
Please send a complaint to your provider and request they fix this problem immediatly.
Think about this: You pay them so that you can use the Internet without problems;
If they are ignoring your complaint or claiming they can't do anything, you should consider changing your provider.

Can't you make an exception for me?
We never make exceptions. Requests to us are futile. Only your provider can fix this problem.
Anyway our system respects IP's which are registered at, these are excluded from Level 2.

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Re: RBL - Blacklisting by UCEPROTECT

This is not a scam - from


Uceprotectl2 Automatically Delists Entries

This blacklist does not offer any form of manual request to delist. Your IP Address will either automatically expire from listing after a given timeframe, or after time expires from the last receipt of spam into their spamtraps from your IP Address.

Uceprotectl2 Accepts Payments Or Donations

This blacklist does support a manual request to remove, delist, or expedite your IP Address from their database upon Payment or Donation of fees to their organization. Please note the following; 1) MxToolBox does not in any way advocate the paying of removal from any blacklists. 2) Removal requests that are submitted without addressing the core problem will likely result in your IP Address being relisted in the database which can cause subsequent problems and extended listing periods without release.


More information about UCEPROTECTL2 can be found at their website:

Reason for listing - Net is UCEPROTECT-Level2 listed because 74 impacts are seen from PLUSNET UK Internet Service Provider, GB/AS6871 there. See:


There might be a scam element in here, that for a fee the IP range can be delisted, so this might appear to be a " give us your cash and we will fix it" scam!!


Unfortunately, some users do abuse the services offered by all ISPs and as in the case, whole ranges of IP addresses can become tar-balled.  This is though a massive IP pool - -

Over 16k IP addresses.

You might find that turning off your router for 90+ minutes might result in you getting an IP address in a different range.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: RBL - Blacklisting by UCEPROTECT


I imagine then that Plusnet will be policing that IP range for users sending spam, then delisting will be automatic.
I will wait and see.