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RAM question

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Re: RAM question

@nanotm wrote:


and if you use a page file on an ssd your going to be burning out sectors in months or weeks rather than years... everything's a trade off, and if your getting some of the cheapest ssd's there not even much faster (nor do they last very long)  

The OCZ 100GB SSD I replaced with a larger one (just checked - 20 months ago) had been running my main PC (OS including Pagefile) for 7.5 6.8 years 24/7/365 without any problems, and was only replaced because I needed a larger one.  It was still going strong and is sitting on a shelf waiting to be re-used in a laptop.

Yes, you will cause increased wear on the SSD by having the Pagefile on it, but it's unlikely to use the same sectors over and over because the controller in the SSD incorporates 'Wear Levelling' into it's software to even out the number of times sectors are used.

Edit:  Apologies, I just connected the OCZ SSD referred to above and using Crystal Disk Info shows it's clocked up 6.8 years not the 7.5 years I originally said.  Health status stated as Good 98%.


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Re: RAM question


could I find one ? probably but I cant be bothered to search for it if your interested there was a rash of articles about the issues back from 07 through 2016 and a few more recently about the dangers of cheap ssd's and how there generally not very reliable or fast



yes and not all drives work the same, even from the same batch's you get different performance drive to drive, also from technology to technology (mlc vs tlc  etc) 


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Re: RAM question


My Samsung SSD has a warranty for 5 years or up to 150TB Total Bytes Written but that does not mean that it is going to wreck itself by going over either threshold.

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Re: RAM question


So you have nothing

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Re: RAM question

@VileReynard wrote:

With limited RAM you will have much smaller amounts of buffer & cache memory; this will slow you down, regardless of disk/SSD speed.

Exactly what I wrote, Jeremy.  However you'll be a lot faster with an SSD than with a conventional hard drive.