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Protection ....what to use?

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Protection ....what to use?

So, last Saturday I was just browsing, we have Vodafone about to build a base station, 18 metre mast, the usual thing in an area of beautiful, unspoilt countryside. We are on the edge of an area of outstanding beauty. I decided to research best practice for mobile phone masts, rather an oxymoron, but as I was surfing the web up popped the attached picture; I guessed it was a scammer, couldn't get my pc back under control for about half an hour, eventually succeeded, ran Hitman pro, malware bytes etc, ran Mcafee Rootkiller, checked everything, pc now tells me I am clean.

So, what to use? I used to use Firefox Websecurity but I have been getting lots of error messages re comodo.dns not loading so I have now switched to No script, seems to be running OK. I also use Ghostery and uBlock origin with Microsoft Defender as my main protection. I read somewhere that Microsoft are bringing out enhanced versions of Defender sometime soon - March possibly.

Any suggestions as to no script?

I am not very computer savy, so easy to follow suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

There should be a picture attached, if there isn't could some kind soul advise me how to attach?


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Re: Protection ....what to use?

I, and many others here, concur that using Microsoft Security Essentials (Defender) along with Spybot 1.62, Malwarebytes Free and CCleaner Free is all you need to keep your windows PC clean and safe.

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Re: Protection ....what to use?

Fully agree with @Mav, personally I'd throw in ADWcleaner too as it catches some adware that others miss Smiley 


MS has improved on defender a lot since the earlier days where it was seen as being pointless, it's now a top antimalware system that is updated more than most 

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Re: Protection ....what to use?

It was just a web page that you saw.  It doubtless had some code that prevented you closing the page.  Facebook is stuffed full of adverts that produce the same sort of result if you click on them.  Since it's all fakery, the only defence is security software that tries to prevent you from loading known bad web pages - and that only works where the bad web page has been previously identified.  None of the security software that you ran would find anything because there was nothing to find, just a picture.