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Problems with Live Mail

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Problems with Live Mail

I can receive windows live mail but when I try to reply or send a new message the template  for messages does not appear and the system locks out. I have to sign in again. I have tried going into Live Mail properties/servers/settings but to no avail


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Re: Problems with Live Mail

Have you made sure in the settings that (something like) "Needs SSL" is turned off/set to No?

If you are away from your home connection have you set up authentication using the same username and password you have for incoming (with password transmitted insecurely)? Outgoing/SMTP server port number should be 587 (preferably) or 25.

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Re: Problems with Live Mail

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Re: Problems with Live Mail

Whilst David's advice is good in general, the symptoms seem to me to indicate that a bug has crept into Live Mail or into Windows.  Have you tried re-installing Live Mail?